Organize a fundraiser

You or your child can raise funds by organizing a fundraiser for Window to the World. Organize something creative, exciting, crazy, weird or sportive to raise money for our school.

Any amount will be of help! After all at Window to the World, with a small amount of money we can easily make a big difference for the children. For example to buy educational materials, pencils, writing books or fruit for the fruit meal. If you find it difficult to cook up a good plan for a fundraiser, contact us through the contact form at our website. Always keep in mind that fundraisers are the catalysts of change in many ways and not only for the receiving organazation!

And this is a site we recommend to get some ideas! Fun in Fundraising!

Check out our announcement page to get inspired by what other people are doing to raise funds


Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving- Henry Rosso

Fundraisers should use pride, not apology, when asking for a gift for a charity that is doing good work. - Henry Rosso

You can reach us at:
Jalan Pisang in Kalibukbuk,
just off Jalan Damai,
Bali, Indonesia