Field Trips

At Window to the World we believe field trips to be a great way to bring excitement and adventure to learning. A focused, well-planned field trip can be the perfect vehicle to introduce new skills and concepts to kids. The things children see and experience on field trips can increase their motivation for learning. Being out and about in the community and seeing how adults are using their educations and skills inspires students to persevere.

Reinforcing educational goals
Field trip visits to museums, historical landmarks, significant monuments, theatrical plays or beautiful parks are essential to students' educational experience. Field trips are fun, but they should reinforce educational goals. Although trips must be focused in order to realize their full value, they can involve multiple concepts, from language and history to life skills. Contrary to the perception of field trips being an occasion for children to take a day off from the stresses of school, they actually provide great enrichment opportunities and chances to instruct outside the confines of the classroom.

Well-planned activities
Our field trips are well planned and are always thematically connected to the program. For our early education department our field trips do not extend a 25 kilometer radius away from our campus but for the older children we plan trips further away from school as well. Apart from the well ahead planned field trips to cultural and historical sites, we regularly take the children out of the school campus for a couple of hours ‘learning outside the classroom’. These small outings include beach trips, a stroll in the rice fields or the hills in our approximate school area.

Learning experiences for every child
The School will always inform parents on forehand if a trip outside the school premises is on the agenda. We expect all children to have an understanding for the fact that not every child in the classroom has yet experienced the same amount of traveling outside their neighborhoods. Children from under-resourced communities may have little experience outside their direct living area but there will be ample things to learn from every trip we organize. For safety reasons we will invite parents to join us on our trips for extra guidance.

Field trips are a great way to bring excitement and adventure to learning and essential to students' educational experiences.

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