The relationship between humans and the environment has always been an important part of Balinese culture but unfortunately the pressure on the environment is growing rapidly. It is therefore the Window to the World school has started an environmental program called ‘Green Rangers’ which is reaching out beyond the school doors. The response from other schools to join into the program is overwhelming. It shows the growing concern about the garbage situation. 
The students commit to become, so called “Green Rangers”. They are divided in Junior Rangers and Senior Rangers depending on their age. They start with a six month training program to become green activists.

The objective of this project is to;
1. Create awareness among students, teachers and parents 
2. Train Green Rangers in setting up and maintaining sustainable garbage management systems using the Window to the World garbage and composting system as an example.
3. Understand the Reduce- Reuse-Recycle principle and making it the daily routine.
4. Develop understanding that managing garbage is firstly a personal commitment and secondly, a commitment for life.


Once the first group of Green Rangers has been trained, they will be encouraged to share the skills they developed with their own schools and families. The Rangers will invite them to the Window to the World school to learn about garbage separation and composting and join into workshops.  
The program is packed with activities, hands on learning, field trips and discussion time. The team leading the Green Rangers took ample time to prepare the program and travelled the area visiting garbage collecting points, like; separation stations, the landfill in Bengkala and garbage banks. The Green Ranger leading team found many people working in various initiatives, private as well as governmental, committed to working for a cleaner environment which happily joined the green forces.

The project coordinator for the training of the first group of Rangers is Damian Krings who receives help from Rotary Club Euskichen, Germany. 
Other partners are; True Scuba, NMS Bali, RefillMyBottle, The Adirama Hotel Lovina, Cok Fendi, POKMASWAS, Bank sampah Kaliber and Bank sampah Kasih Lestari. 

You can reach us at:
Jalan Pisang in Kalibukbuk,
just off Jalan Damai,
Bali, Indonesia