WttW news letter May 2018

Dear All,
The end of the school year is coming closer and these last six months have been busy and filled with joyful activities and fruitful activities and experiences. Mr. Marcel left in March, he stayed with us for six months teaching English and helping out in the library. We also had many visitors.  Again school got so much help from different people, we can impossibly mention everybody’s name, and many of these people prefer to stay anonymous too, but we would like to say; THANK YOU, to ALL the sponsors and helpers- big and small-. THANK YOU for your ongoing support.
But, special thank you will have to go to ‘VBJ, architecture’, The Netherlands for helping school to get clean, running water. This meant a big improvement and we are very grateful for this help. We will put a small slideshow of this project on our Facebook page, so you can see what was involved. https://www.facebook.com/WindowtotheWorldschool/
Our program for teaching parents ‘how to read to your child’ really took off over the last months. We could not have foreseen how happy it makes parents to develop the skills needed to have some happy reading time with their kids. We can only hope that this will lead to children turning into ‘Happy Readers’! Thank you ‘mothers’ Ria and Joni for helping putting the program together.
Our school is becoming cleaner and cleaner. We have almost zero plastic in our garbage bins at the end of a school day. Thank you; parents, teachers and helpers, without your help we would never have gotten there. But, it is never enough, of course.  Every second week we take the students on a ‘march against plastic’, in our locality. The aim is to create awareness among students, as well as alarming the people in the area on the situation with the garbage along the roadside. Good news is that our partnership with ‘RefillMyBottle’ is starting to become more known. Our aim is to have as many businesses’ as possible to become a ‘RefillMyBottle’ station, so people will always refill their water bottles instead of buying new ones. 
The students have started their last term working on a theme called ‘Inside the museum’ which will be closed with an exhibition of all the works in the ‘Museum Window to the World’ in the last week of the year. For the ‘extended education’ students there is a ‘Landscape ‘painting’ course goi ng on right now.  Like last year’s painting course this will be taught by Mariette van Noordenne, an art teacher from The Netherlands. Mariette’s husband Wim came with her to stand by, and help organizing the auction which will be held in the ‘Museum Window to the World’ on June 13, the last day of the school year. We are so happy with this input. Be there if you can, some good stuff is going to be auctioned off.
On June the 14th the student school official holidays will start but in week 25 for a summer school program organized by ‘student abroad’ will be taking place. An enthusiastic group of American teachers will take care of an  English program for a couple of days, while in the meantime, their own college students will help setting up the new Reading Centre/ Library with the WttW team. After that the students will go home for the ‘end of the year break’.  
On July the 16th we hope to be welcoming everybody back with new energy for the school year ahead. In July we will be welcoming a batch of new students as well, small one’s for the kindergarten and bigger ones for the new to be starting elementary school and even bigger one’s for our extended education program to which we are going to have a special teacher coming from Europe from September to March.

And Last but not least, the opening of our elementary department is coming closer!
We are so happy with the very enthusiastic help from all the parents which are joining into the setting up of the elementary school. Without their positive input we could not have done it. It is going to be a necessary step forward and we are very happy we got a power house of a teacher on board; Miss Elly Kristhina, who is currently still living in Norway but on her way to Bali very soon.
Time flies. It has been three years since we moved to the new school building. All have worked hard to get the building set up and functionally operational. It takes many hands, there are small jobs and big jobs and slowly they are getting done. Many thanks to all the helping hands! We would like to thank Rotary Club Crawley for their generous support in helping the school building in order and also donating to training and teaching materials again.
With the elementary school starting we hope to be able to carry the school successfully into the very necessary next stage but for the starting up of this we will be relying on some financial help in order to get the building adapted to its new function.  If you would like to make a donation towards our elementary school project for the new building or for helping a student we ask you to have a look at our sponsor page on our website http://www.windowtotheworldschool.com/support/how-to-sponsor/ I will support the new school building project by purchasing a building unit 
We will always be on the lookout for people who would like to take up the sponsoring of a child so we can continue to help as many children as possible getting a good education. This is possible through our website if you go to windowtotheworldschool.com/support/how-to-sponsor or make a donation into the account number of the Fundraising Foundation in The Netherlands. All help is welcome. 
We wish everybody a nice Summer - Winter break (depending on where you are on this planet) 
Your generous support makes it possible for our organization to continue bringing good education to the children of our community. We believe that every child has the right to grow up happy, healthy and with an education.
Thank you again for your support!
The Window to the World team

You can reach us at:
Jalan Pisang in Kalibukbuk,
just off Jalan Damai,
Bali, Indonesia