Spring 2016 Online Auction

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Closing date: March 21 2016

And this is the painting;
Oil on canvas, sizes; 1 M- 0,5 M
Artist Maike van Tuijl
A very special painting depicting a statue of a female figure holding a sundial. The statue actually stands in the Buenos Aires Zoo, in an adjacent sculpture garden. The woman protects her face with her left hand against the sun and with her ​​right hand she indicates the time. The shadow of her index finger is pointing to the two, the time the painter painted this part of the painting. The text is better visible in the detail picture and reads: horas non numero nisi Serenas (I count only the bright hours) and the year 1914, which is the year the statue was made.


July 1 - Brandsma School starts summer fundraiser 

Mrs.Ellen, from the Brandsma School in Bussum, here posing with her GROUP FOUR, in front of the poster picturing all the drawings made by students for the fundraiser set up for WttW. Parents, family and friends can buy super nice things like mugs, lunch containers, stickers, mouse pads, you name it, with the kid's drawings printed on it, with the aim to raise as much funds possible for WttW. We salute 'JUF ELLEN', Ibu guru Ellen, for the fact that she made this happen. We also thank Belle, the eight year old girl who initiated the project, making her the youngest fundraiser for WttW ever, and all the other teachers and students from the Brandsma School, for participating!


June 5 - Golf tournament Fundraiser a big succes!

The Golf tournament for Window to the World organized by Rotary Club Enkhuizen,
turned out to be a great day with many enthusiastic participants.

April 24 -  meeting the architect!

Happy faces for Djelko van Es and Sarita Lemmens,
the architect of the schoolbuilding learning that the project
has been accomplisehd. We are over the moon with our beautiful
building and we are are looking forward to many happy learning
and working hours under its roof. Thank you Djelko for all the
work you have put into this, we could not have dreamed of a
better building for our school. Many many thanks,
Sarita, for organizning the great fundraiser for the financing of the
communal area of the school!


April 22 - International Earthday celebrations

Like every year International Earthday
was celebrated with a whole range of activities and games, 
making children aware of how importnat it is we take good
care of our mother EARTH

April 15 - Supporting Rotary Clubs celebrating!

On April  the fifteenth RC Enkhuizen and
RC of Bali Lovina brought a toast to the finishing
of the school building project they have worked
on together since January 2011. 

April 14 - Front office open for enrollment!

Yes we're open!

On April 14 we got the keys to the new school building 
out of the hand from Robbie Drexhage from RC of Bali Lovina 
opened the school office at its new location at 
Jalan Pisang in Kalibukbuk and our first students
came in for registration at the new school.

April 14- Ready to move!

To think what the land looked like only a couple of months ago.
So much work was done 
by members of  
Rotary Club of Bali Lovina over these last months.
A couple of 
weeks ago we could plant the grass,
generously donated by a private sponsor, and gee,
it is growing 
well and last week the gate around the building
arrived and with this we are ready to move!
many thanks to the private sponsors for coming up
ith the last much needed funding to ‘close the 

After having been on the road for many years-
The Window to the World School is ready to move into its own,
new building! 


Our new look!

The new WttW logo is based on the vision of green respectful
 and safe education for all children. 
The typographic values the letters WttW stand for in our new logo
unity and togetherness and the idea of going hand in hand.
 We are thrilled with our new look and we 
would like to thank
 Ubbo Nieuwland from 12 bft for volunteering to design this for our school!


Take a look at the presentation of our new logo.


April 2-WttW website went live!

We thank Cor Claessen from Siteontwerpers who volunteered
to build a website for the school.
We hope you find our website easy to use and giving you
the information you are looking for. At first, the website will
be available in English – an Indonesian version will become
available soon.
We ask your patience for small inconveniences that come with new things.

Robin started Music and Education

Robin Jansen started, ‘Music and Education’!

Robin Jansen came to do a traineeship many years ago,
then still a student herself. After graduating and working
as a teacher and following specialist music training,
we were lucky to welcome Robin back for a 

six month stay at our school again.

Robin’s two passion, music and children have found
a way into the 
forming of ‘Music and Education’
where she works with children from group 3 up till group 6
in music 
orientation courses, singing and music workshops
besides teaching at elementary schools.


We wish Robin success! And recommend you
to take a look at her website.

You can reach us at:
Jalan Pisang in Kalibukbuk,
just off Jalan Damai,
Bali, Indonesia